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The objective of “My Hair My Voice” is to produce a feature length documentary film that will celebrate the diversity and versatility of Black hair. This documentary will be told from the intimate perspective of a woman, Nadirah Iman, who confronts her own hair story while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.

This documentary will also explore the history, science, and more specifically celebrate Black hair as an art form. Our documentary will showcase the vast diversity of hair textures that exist within the Black community.

While Nadirah examines and confronts her own hair story, she has and will interview a diverse group of individuals within the Black community. During some of the intimate discussions, women have revealed memories from their personal hair stories such as their first experience with chemically treated hair, accidental burns from a hot comb, to gaining a profound understanding and appreciation of their own hair.

“My Hair My Voice” will investigate the diverse hair textures as well as it's versatility in creating hairstyles that are unique to black hair. For example, the film will show the evolution from the Press-N-Curl to the Jheri Curl, the birth of the Afro as a symbol, and the rise of the weave. Also, the film will showcase the sometimes-lengthy process it takes to achieve the elaborate hairstyles.