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Nadirah Iman             Producer/Director

Nadirah Iman, (born Nadirah Iman Bell), is a visionary director and editor. Her creative path began at the age of four when she discovered her artistic expression through drawing, which led to the exploration of other creative avenues such as, graphic design, fine arts, photography, and animation. She earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City majoring in stop-motion animation. With the dream of becoming a filmmaker, Nadirah earned a MFA in film and television from Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.

Today, Nadirah continues to refine her directing and editing techniques. Her body of work, which includes documentary, art film, and music video, is distinguished by her visual storytelling style, infused with a mixture of all of her earlier artistic influences. 



Quenell Jones            Producer/Cinematographer


Quenell Jones has an under-graduate degree in narrative cinematography and masters degree in documentary cinematography where he was able to study in Manchester England. While in Europe, Quenell was able to shoot several documentaries for local and national broadcast with subject ranging from Stained Glass Windows, Karaoke and also a documentary examining the consequences of Liverpool’s successful bid to be the European Capital of Culture. 

After graduate school, Quenell joined the International Cinematographers Guild, becoming one of the rotating DP’s on the TV show “30 Rock” shooting their web series for season 5-6-7. Quenell was also able to shoot the four year Auto-Biographical documentary, “Joe Frazier: When the Smoke Clears” on the legendary boxer Smokin’ Joe Frazier. The film has been screened Internationally and Nationally by ESPN, featured in the New York Times and Hulu’s first ever Documentary of the Month. 

Other significant works include shooting films featuring the acclaimed actors Vincent D’Onofrio in a period film, several web spots for Essence Magazine and Oprah Magazine, several music videos with Grammy Winning Jazz singer Gregory Porter and other documentaries including “Public Discourse”  a film about the birth of Street Art,  The Critics Pick: Top 10 Films of 2013 “My Brooklyn” and also shooting commercials for the NBA.