My Hair, My Journey

August 2015 marks the second year of my journey working with my natural hair. It’s definitely been an interesting experience. My hair has always been a BIG part of my everyday life, ever since I could remember. But the focus has changed since I transitioned out of Relaxed (chemically altered) hair. 
As I continue into my second year, I understand my hair in a different way; its one of the many ways to gauge my health. So if my hair isn’t growing, it’s because of something I’m not doing internally. 
In terms of haircare regimen, it's generally the same with a few changes depending on the hairstyles: wash it once or twice a week (for wash-and-go), deep condition once a week, and moisturize everyday. Also, I know which products work best, I have my go-to-brands such as, Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture, but I enjoy exploring new brands to see how my hair responds. 
It’s been great journey, and has had many ups and downs, but over all I love my hair in it’s natural state.

-Nadirah Iman, Producer/Director of My Hair, My Voice