A hair story from Nadirah Iman:

Picture day always brings back fond memories of my childhood, especially in regards my hair. Picture day was the time when my mother would straighten my hair with the straightening comb. I sat in a chair somewhat close to the stove where the comb was being heated. In hopes that I wouldn't get burned my mom sectioned my hair and began to run the heated comb through my hair. I remember the smell, the occasional burn, and loving the ending results where she would curl my ends with the Marcel curling iron which was also heated on the stove. I also remember when mom switched over to the electric straitening comb too, it had a bright orange handle and when it was hot and ready the red light would come on......I also remember two products that mom would put in my hair, not the name, but the smell and the design on the label: one was coconut scented with a brown top and the other smelled herbal, it was green, and if I can recall correctly it was called Hemp something.....what are your memories of early childhood hair rituals?? Please share your hair story and a pic.