Nadirah Iman: Hair Story

I took the first picture on May 11, 2012, the day I decided to transition from Relaxed to Natural. I remember that morning, because I was talking to my sister about being hesitant to go through with getting the Relaxer, since I hadn't had one in a little over 5 months. I was stretching my Relaxers for a year during that time.
Stretching which means to extend the time in between your touch-ups (the Relaxer is only applied to the new hair closest to the roots aka new growth). Many professionals suggest that you get touch-ups done between 6-8 weeks, which is something I did every since I got my first relaxer at age 13. But, as I matured and started thinking about my hair in terms of it's health, I looked for other options. And a couple of years ago, researched stretching and protective ways to prepare my hair for a touch-ups. 
As I went through the process of stretching, which didn't last long. I began to think about my natural hair and what kind of texture I have. So, (going back to May 11, 2012), I did go through with getting the Relaxer, where my hairdresser stated that I had to get a full Relaxer, since my hair had grown out so much. However, as a result I didn't like the lifelessness I saw in my hair, and knew that my days of Relaxing had come to and end on that day.

This series of photos depict my transition. I choose to do a long grow out and use protective styles such as twist-outs and braid outs, self-trimming, and eventually Senegalese twist towards the end of the transition. The second to last photo is the first professional trim that I got after taking out the Senegalese twist that I had had for about 2.5 months, however, I still had some Relaxer at the ends of my hair in that photo. The last photo is my 100% natural hair, taken in August 2013.

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