Felicia Graham-Enix: Hair Story

I can tell you that I've worn my hair in just about every style imaginable from a jerri curl as a teen, to perms, braids & weaves as I grew older. For most of my adult life I had a perm, about 10 years ago I decided to let my perm grow out and I've been wearing braids/weaves since then. I love the way natural hair looks on woman but for me I prefer to keep my hair braided because it's less maintenance. I am constantly on the go and I really don't make the time to take care of my hair like I should. A few months ago I was bored with my hairstyle and I just wanted a change so I permed my hair again, after about a month I was over it & now I wish I never had done that. I want it to look good as well as be healthy & I also like to change things up a bit at times. So for now I'm back to my braids, who knows what I'll try next lol. It also doesn't hurt that my sister is a hairstylist (who specializes in natural hair) so I can always count on her to try something new.