Chery Dominique: Hair Story

My Natural Hair Journey began in Spring 2002... I had two friends that were natural and I loved their hair; at the time that was my main reason for wanting to go natural. I tried to transition and went with it for about a month and change without a relaxer but it didn't work out for me, I ended up getting one... I wasn't ready. In Fall 2002 I took an African American Studies class in college and it had such an impact on me that I started asking myself certain questions. I asked myself why was I altering the texture of my hair to mimic what it was not meant to be? I asked myself that question, along with others... After a while I decided that I was going to stop relaxing for good this time and never turn back, and I haven't since! It wasn't a cake walk because there weren't many resources at that time in 2003 (my last relaxer). But because of the simple fact that I had no desire for a perm at that point it was pretty much easy to move forward and not have a creamy crack relapse. It took me some time to learn what's good for my hair and what's not; and I'm still learning. But I'm proud to say that I've been able to grow my 4B/4C hair to BSL (Bra-Strap-Length). As I said before, it wasn't a cake walk but I did it!!!