Kahdijah Taylor: Hair Story

With a big smile and a cute pose, I took this picture of my new haircut back in 2009. But I was so sad inside about my hair. After a failed attempt at going natural (by putting a texturizer-like chemical in my hair that was supposedly going to keep the roots natural as the permed hair grew out), hair loss, and then back to a relaxer, I had no choice but to cut my hair off into some sort of manageable style. I was trying to embrace my new do, but I really hated it. I already did my short hair tour in college and had no intentions of revisiting this look. But this was the only option I had to save what hair I had left on my head. To make matter worse, I had just got engaged and was starting the beginning stages of planning my wedding. Even with the short cut, my hair was so weak and continued to cover the bathroom floor every time I would brush or comb it. At that time, I wondered if I would have any hair left on my wedding day. But on this day, I decided to put on some make up and be happy about my new look. 


New Hair Cut.jpg
New Hair Cut 3.jpg