Marilyn Okoye: Hair Story

My natural hair journey didn't start with the decision to do the big chop because I decided to go natural. It started with a man. I wanted to make this man sad by cutting the hair I thought he loved. Two things happened. 1. This man didn't give a damn about me or my hair. That's another story, another voice (lol). 2. I felt a sense of freedom; a lightness about myself, an awakening. I said out loud "I should have done this a long time ago". And so my journey 10+ years ago began. From my TWA and twist outs to my beautiful locks. My natural hair has empowered me to love myself and not concern myself with what or how others think my hair should be. My hair is just as versatile as the creativity that lives inside of me. I can braid it, curl it, wear it straight or crinkled, pin it up or hanging down. Each one being a matrix in and of itself. Going natural has led me to a path where I desire to be whole and healthy mind, body, and spirit. A journey to a healthier lifestyle.